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Cameron Tice

Cameron Tice aims to obtain his MD-PhD with a focus on public health. As an undergraduate researcher, Cameron has utilized the public-public research model in the Auburn University Juvenile Delinquency Lab, which is partnered with the Alabama Department of Youth Services. While providing care to these individuals, data is collected to analyze the efficacy of treatments. This method allows for continual improvements for best practice for optimal health outcomes for juvenile delinquents. Cameron is currently pursuing his MD-PhD in epidemiology with a concentration in epidemiologic statistics and social determinants of health with hopes to continue providing healthcare to inmates and gaining access to valuable insights for research. Cameron stated that the most rewarding part of being an undergraduate researcher in the Juvenile Delinquency Lab has been the greatest accomplishment at Auburn. Cameron was the inaugural first-author for the Offense Status and Mental Health Outcomes in Court-Involved Youth and presented the research at an international conference. Cameron is a 2022-2023 Undergraduate Research Fellow in the College of Liberal Arts, he is mentored by Dr. Kelli Thompson.

Last modified: January 13, 2023