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Recently in Research: Will Kelner


William (Will) Kelner is a senior majoring concurrently in psychology and sociology. His Undergraduate Research Fellowship, under the guidance of Dr. Apryl Alexander, involves studying perceptions of mental illness on the Auburn University campus.

“What I would like to look at is how college students perceive individuals who may be showing signs of mental illness,” Will said.

Will began his undergraduate research involvement at the end of his sophomore year when he began working in three psychology labs.

This past summer Will completed a literature review where he looked at previous studies of mental illness awareness on college campuses. He and Dr. Alexander then narrowed down the focus of his project and found scales that look at stigma associated with mental illness. Will plans to collect data this fall on mental illness awareness by surveying students. He will then analyze the data and report his findings in the spring.

Will wants to raise awareness of mental illness in the Auburn community, so that people can access resources to become educated about it.

Last modified: November 27, 2017