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Recently in Research- Sarah Webb


Recently in Research- Sarah Webb

Sarah Webb

The Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art, the only accredited university art museum in Alabama, contains an exhibit that examines art from Central African tribes Kuba and Luba. These tribes were prominent during the period of African Colonialism, a time when many colonial missionaries would travel to these places to collect African relics and objects. One missionary family, the Mulcay, came to the Belgian Congo in Central Africa in 1943 and collected many every day and royal objects from the Kuba tribe.

Sarah Webb, an Art History major, is examining the relationship between these African tribes and the Mulcay missionaries. Webb is using the Jule Collins Smith Museum’s African art collection to study the expansive depth of African culture and history; in doing so, she aims to give the art collection a voice by which to share their stories.

In her research, Webb discovered many patterns and allusions to specific events in Kuba culture, including details alluding to certain revered figures in their rich history. These discoveries helped her to translate and share the art collection’s stories, which she recounts as the most rewarding aspect of her fellowship. Webb’s research experience has reinforced her career goal of working in a museum studying and discussing the art history in the featured exhibits. Webb plans to apply to graduate programs in the fall and pursue a graduate degree in museum studies. Webb has been chosen to present her findings this October at the Southeastern Museums Conference.


Last modified: January 15, 2019