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Recently in Research: Robert Boothe


Undergraduate Research Fellow Robert Boothe is a senior studying biochemistry and conducting research under the guidance of Dr. Christian Goldsmith in the Chemistry Department. Robert is making chemicals for MRI contrasting agents that will highlight regions of the body that are dense with reactive oxygen species (ROS’s).

“Generally, ROS’s are associated with various diseases and cancers. A lot of high density ROS’s can cause DNA mutations that can potentially lead to cancers. I’m working with Nickel based compounds. I crystalized them, characterized them and now I’m studying their aqueous chemistry,” Robert said.

Robert has this advice for students thinking about getting involved in undergraduate research.

“Definitely start early. I wish I had started earlier than the summer after my Sophomore year. If you get plugged into a lab early you can figure out if you really like it or not. People don’t realize how long it takes to get good results in research. It can take years,” Robert said.

Working in close proximity to an expert in specific field can provide numerous benefits to undergraduate students.

“Dr. Goldsmith is great with teaching me how to do research. He gives his undergrads a lot of responsibility. He’s taught me how to manage a project, to be responsible, and work in a timely manner. Whenever I have a question he always has an answer,” Robert said.

Last modified: November 27, 2017