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Recently in Research-Jordan Wade


Recently in Research-Jordan Wade

Jordan Wade

Afrofuturism is a term that is becoming popular in contemporary culture. From the blockbuster Black Panther movie to mainstream singers like Janelle Monae, Afrofuturism can be found anywhere you look. Coined only 25 years ago, the term can be defined simply as African and diasporic African people in the arts speculatively projecting themselves into the future. While Afrofuturism is beginning to advance in popularity, its significance has yet to be clearly and critically addressed. Jordan Wade, an Undergraduate Research fellow and senior in Art History, is answering this question.

French-African pop singer Taali M and her Afrofuturist website,, is a great example to illustrate this phenomenon. Wade describes Taali M’s website as a unique combination of historical African imagery in a sleek, futuristic setting. Wade has focused her research on studying the role of Afrofuturist imagery in the construction of Taali M’s website. To do so, Wade has examined cultural movements, African scholars, and influencers of the website itself. Her findings show that Afrofuturist collages such as those of Taali M use historically and culturally complex imagery to reframe perceptions about race and cultural purity that affect all people with African heritage.

With the goal of becoming a published researcher and professor, Wade says that participating in an undergraduate research experience has helped her in many ways; the most rewarding part has been watching herself improve as a scholar.  Wade was invited to present her findings at the South Eastern College Art Conference in October.

Last modified: May 17, 2019