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Undergraduate Research


Why You Should Do Research

Have you ever asked a question that didn't have an answer?

Kacie Florus

Undergraduate research lets you find the answer.

Undergraduate research is an opportunity for you to delve into your interests and create new theories, discover previously unknown facts, and even cultivate new ideas. Contrary to popular belief, undergraduate research can be done in any area, from history, English, engineering, science, and more.

Undergraduate research has also been identified as one of the top ten high-impact educational experiences by the American Association of Colleges and Universities.

Auburn students who have participated in undergraduate research benefit in many ways, including:

Developing a deeper understanding of a field of study and potential career path
Learning to surmount obstacles and overcome barriers to progress
Enhancing preparation for graduate or professional school
Developing self-confidence and creativity
Acquiring research, communication, and professional skills

Students who have participated in undergraduate research said the experience helped them to land their current job or get into graduate programs because it set them apart from other applicants.

Last modified: September 2, 2022