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Professional Development Workshop


Professional Development Workshops

The Office of Undergraduate Research offers students professional development through workshops. Attending a professional development workshop is a great way to learn how to present your research to the academic community. To learn more about the workshops offered, subscribe to our newsletter - here.  If you would like to arrange for a group presentation or workshop, just contact our office at

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Writing Abstracts for Professional Conferences

An abstract serves as a brief summary (usually no more than 200 words) of the author’s research objective and key findings, and it must be crafted to communicate with a specific audience in mind. The style of an abstract varies by academic discipline. Attend the Writing Abstracts for Professional Conferences Workshop to learn about how you can write an effective abstract for a professional conference in your field.

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Making Effective Poster Presentations

A poster is a visual tool used to assist you in presenting your research discoveries. Not only does your poster need to be visually engaging, but you must also know how to engage the viewer. Attend the Making Effective Poster Presentations Workshop to obtain tips and advice on how best to design and present your research poster.

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Writing a Research Highlight

A Research Highlight serves as a publication option for students whose research is in progress or who wish to share research results with a broad, general audience. A “highlight” is also a good option for students who plan to publish their complete research study in a professional or technical journal in their field. Attend the Writing a Research Highlight Workshop and learn how to communicate the key components of your research. Acceped highlights will be published in the Auburn University Journal of Undergraduate Scholarship (AUJUS).

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Making Effective Oral Presentations

An oral presentation is a useful way to inform an attentive audience about your research process and discoveries. Oral presentations are usually conducted with the assistance of a visual aid, such as a poster or slideshow presentation. The most important aspect of an oral presentation is to remember that you have your audience’s attention and therefore, their time. Learn how to make the most of your audience’s time by attending the Making Effective Oral Presentations Workshop.

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Last modified: March 4, 2019