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Faculty Mini-Grants


Faculty Mini-Grants


The purpose of the Undergraduate Research Faculty Mini-Grants Program is to increase opportunities for student engagement through the infusion of research activity into the curriculum. The Faculty Mini-Grants Program is not currently accepting proposals.

Adhikari with Student

2017-2018 Awards

  1. PI: Monique Laney (History).Project title: Undergraduate Oral History Methods Course 
  2. PI: Rebecca Jo Barlow (School of Forestry and Wildlife Science), co-PIs: John Kush (School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences), Sharon Hermann (Biology). Project title: Field of dreams: Developing an outdoor lab space and courses to promote undergraduate education
  3. PI: David Blersch (Biosystems Engineering), co-PIs: Tim McDonald (Biosystems Engineering), Jim Stoeckel (Aquaculture and Aquatic Sciences). Project title: Data Acquisition for Aquatic Ecosystems
  4. PI: Anne Gorden (Chemistry and Biochemistry), co-PI: Ashley Curtis (Chemistry and Biochemistry). Project title: Introduction to Undergraduate Research: Applying Analytical Methods in Synthetic Chemistry

2016-2017 Awards

  1. PI: Thorsten Knappenberger (Crop, Soil, and Environmental Science), co-PIs: Stephanie Shepherd (Geosciences), David Blersch (Biosystems Engineering), Brian Helms (Biology), Julie Howe (CSES), Eve Brantley (CSES), Jim Steckel (Fisheries), Stacey Blersch (Biosystems Engineering). Project Title: Stream Restoration
  2. PI: Yee Ming Lee (Nutrition, Dietetics, and Hospitality Management). Project Title: Enhancing undergraduate research experience through a food science research project: A pilot study
  3. PI: Fereshteh Rostampour (Theater). Project Title: Projection and computer-generated imagery (CGI) in stage design

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