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Faculty Mini-Grants


Faculty Mini-Grants


The purpose of the Undergraduate Research Faculty Mini-Grants Program is to increase opportunities for student engagement through the infusion of research activity into the curriculum. Faculty are invited to submit proposals to support the incorporation of research components into existing courses or to add new research courses. Download the Faculty Mini-Grant Request for Proposals (RFP) to learn more.

Deadline to submit was May 29, 2018.

Adhikari with Student

2017-2018 Awards

  1. PI: Monique Laney (History).Project title: Undergraduate Oral History Methods Course 
  2. PI: Rebecca Jo Barlow (School of Forestry and Wildlife Science), co-PIs: John Kush (School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences), Sharon Hermann (Biology). Project title: Field of dreams: Developing an outdoor lab space and courses to promote undergraduate education
  3. PI: David Blersch (Biosystems Engineering), co-PIs: Tim McDonald (Biosystems Engineering), Jim Stoeckel (Aquaculture and Aquatic Sciences). Project title: Data Acquisition for Aquatic Ecosystems
  4. PI: Anne Gorden (Chemistry and Biochemistry), co-PI: Ashley Curtis (Chemistry and Biochemistry). Project title: Introduction to Undergraduate Research: Applying Analytical Methods in Synthetic Chemistry

2016-2017 Awards

  1. PI: Thorsten Knappenberger (Crop, Soil, and Environmental Science), co-PIs: Stephanie Shepherd (Geosciences), David Blersch (Biosystems Engineering), Brian Helms (Biology), Julie Howe (CSES), Eve Brantley (CSES), Jim Steckel (Fisheries), Stacey Blersch (Biosystems Engineering). Project Title: Stream Restoration
  2. PI: Yee Ming Lee (Nutrition, Dietetics, and Hospitality Management). Project Title: Enhancing undergraduate research experience through a food science research project: A pilot study
  3. PI: Fereshteh Rostampour (Theater). Project Title: Projection and computer-generated imagery (CGI) in stage design

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