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Recently In Research- Phillip Wang


Phillip Wange

Phillip Wang, a senior in the College of Science and Mathematics- Biomedical Sciences, is investigating whether organic pigments, known as carotenoids, can serve as antioxidants in living systems. Wang asserts that the study is important because most research done on this topic comes from studies outside of living systems. During his research, Wang used a zooplankton to test if carotenoid supplementation causes reduce mortality and reduced deactivation of aconitase, an important metabolic enzyme that, when exposed to a chemical called tBHP, can induce oxidative damage.
Wang has been an undergraduate research fellow for the past two years and is continuing in the fellowship for the 2018-2019 year. When asked what he would tell an undergraduate student who was considering undergraduate research, Wang said, “I would definitely encourage him/her to do undergraduate research! It enhances your critical thinking skills, is an excellent way to develop a relationship with a professor, and looks great on a resume.” Wang also talked about how rewarding his undergraduate research experience has been and how he feels accomplished to see his research pay off after many trial and error tests.
In addition to his time in the Undergraduate Research Fellowship Program, where he is mentored by Dr. Geoffrey Hill, Wang has also been a recipient in the Fund for Excellence scholarship program and received third place in the STEM poster category at the Auburn University “2018 This is Research: Student Symposium.” He also presented his research at the National Conference on Undergraduate Research in Oklahoma City this past spring.

Last modified: October 19, 2018