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Recently in Research- Kayla Frey


Kayla Frey

In almost all mammals, females mobilize their bones during lactation. This can cause serious issues including bone fragility, compromised bone quality, and increased mortality rate. Kayla Frey, a recent graduate in Biomedical Sciences, examined how the number of pregnancies and the total number of young produced impacts the bone quality of female mice. Frey used the femurs from age-matched mice to determine variation in morphology and mineral composition. Because the mice were kept under semi-natural settings, Frey was able to assume that the animals’ bones experienced a level of strain that is comparable to wild mice.
Frey notes that her career opportunities have been broadened by her experience in research saying, “Before participating in the laboratory, I had never even considered that research might be a part of my future. After my experience with undergraduate research, I am open to a career in both research and medicine. I am looking forward to remaining involved in research throughout my time in medical school and I am hoping to continue researching well into my career as a physician.” Frey has been working with Dr. Wendy Hood in the College of Sciences and Mathematics for over two years and recently presented her research at the Auburn University “2018 This is Research: Student Symposium,” as well as the National Conference on Undergraduate Research at the University of Central Oklahoma this past spring.

Last modified: October 19, 2018