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Recently in Research: Judson Powell

Judson Powell

The poultry industry is constantly changing and exploring more efficient ways of doing things. Judson Powell, a senior majoring in Poultry Science Production, is working to figure out the most efficient way to raise birds. Powell focused his efforts on particle size and proportions of fines to see if variations affect the growth of the birds and their sorting behaviors.

Prior to getting birds, Powell manufactured the feed at the Charles C. Miller Jr. Poultry Research and Education Center. Two batches were made and each one used a different particle size. He then made mixtures of feed that included varying proportions of fines from the two batches. Powell set up his experiment in battery cages with trough feeders that allowed for all feed forms to be presented in front of the birds at all times. He found that there were no significant differences in the intakes of birds when comparing the two particle sizes.  However, he did see a significant difference between the birds’ consumptions when comparing the proportions of fines.

Powell said his research experience has motivated him to attend graduate school. Also, Powell said he did not understand the importance of research in the poultry industry until he had the chance to be in charge of an experiment.

Last modified: February 19, 2018