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Recently in Research- Hudson Land


Hudson Land Action Shot

Aquaponics is a term that refers to any system that creates a symbiotic environment for aquatic plants and animals. Algae is used commonly in aquaponics for nutrient reclamation and as a food source for aquatic animals; it also has multiple purposes and applications. However, there are some holes in the process that undergraduate research fellow Hudson Land, a senior in Biosystems Engineering, is trying to fix.

Land is using his fellowship to analyze the protein yield of Oedogonium, a filamentous alga commonly used in aquaponics. He is using a monoculture of Oedogonium grown and harvested in laboratory microcosms to analyze its protein content and its most productive conditions; the goal is to extract all nutrients from Oedogonium to make its protein yield as efficient as possible. While Land’s study is still ongoing, his findings will eventually be utilized to improve the usefulness of other species of algae in nutrient reclamation. This work is extremely significant in the field of aquaponics and beyond.

Land believes his fellowship has given him a great background of experience and marketability to future employers. He has great aspirations for his continuing research and says that the most rewarding aspect for him is that his work may eventually help us understand the numerous possibilities of aquaponics. Because of the influence of his research experience, Influenced by his research experience, Land now plans to work for NASA and explore the possibility of sustainable life in space.

Last modified: November 6, 2018