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Recently in Research – Haley Maul


There are many different fields of psychology research, one of which is called Judgement and Decision- Making. This field has been growing
rapidly over the last few years, but detailed studies have not kept pace. Haley Maul, a senior majoring in Psychology, is filling this gap. Haley knew she was interested in a career in psychology and decided to become involved in a project on workplace roles in decision making.

Maul’s research focuses on whether roles in the workplace, like subordinates versus superiors, affect risk-taking behaviors and attitudes. Her study was recently approved by the Institutional Review Board and she is currently collecting data. Maul believes her research will produce findings on how the new generation is changing the workplace dynamic, which can be beneficial to the advancement in the field of industrial-organizational psychology.

Maul considers research to be the most rewarding aspect of her undergraduate career, and she credits her fellowship experience as the sole reason for choosing her future career path. According to Haley, undergraduate research sets her apart from her peers and has given her valuable networking experiences. She is confident that these newly developed skills will prove beneficial when she applies to graduate programs this coming fall. Maul has been selected to present her research at the annual Society of Judgement and Decision-Making conference this November.

Last modified: November 16, 2018