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Mentor Spotlight: Sushil Bhavnani


Sushil Bhavnani

Sushil Bhavnani, Associate Department Chair and Endowed Professor for Auburn University’s Mechanical Engineering program, began conducting research during his graduate studies at the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay. Bhavnani said he was blessed with excellent mentors for both his masters and doctorate who had a tremendous impact on his research journey.

“Those interactions at an impressionable age have helped guide my actions with my mentees,” Bhavnani says.

Bhavnani’s primary research focuses on the cooling of electronics. Bhavnani’s main research goal is to keep cell phones and large computers that are in data centers like Google, Walmart, eBay, and Amazon operating at low temperatures. The purpose of Bhavnani’s research is to guarantee these electronics are the most efficient they can be and last longer.

When mentoring students, Bhavnani identifies goals he wants his undergraduate students to accomplish. Bhavnani said he expects outstanding students not only to accomplish the goals he assigns, but to show independence and take ownership of projects by creating additional goals using their own creativity.

“My principle for research has always been to recognize that it is a service activity. It is a service activity to prepare younger minds to enter the field of research,” Bhavnani says.

With more than 30 years at Auburn University Bhavnani, said he has had the privilege of interacting with approximately 400 students in a research capacity.

Last modified: July 10, 2018