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The Auburn University Journal of Undergraduate Scholarship (AUJUS) showcases the top research and scholarly accomplishments of Auburn University undergraduate students. It publishes original research from students in any academic discipline. Research Articles and Highlights can be submitted by Auburn University undergraduate researchers at any time and are reviewed by faculty or disciplinary experts. The AUJUS is an interdisciplinary partnership between the Office of Undergraduate Research and the Office of University Writing.

Recently Published Highlights and Articles

Factors Associated with Preventive Cancer Screening Among Diabetic Patients as Compared to Their Non-Diabetic Counterparts
Hayleigh H. Hallam, Tiffany Cadwallader, Cassidi C. McDaniel, and Chiahung Chou

Validation of Reference Genes for Gene Expression Profiling in Bovine Tissues
Rachel A. Hollingsworth, Lauren V. Rutledge, and Paul W. Dyce

Extreme Variation in Economic Expenditures on Invasive Species Management Across the United States

Allison Foster, Christopher A. Lepczyk, Jean E. Fantle-Lepczyk, and Daniel Rubino

Measuring Community Resilience

Molly Grubb and Alicia Powers

Efficacy of Pellet Count Surveys to Estimate Density of White-tailed Deer (Odocoileus virginianus)

Sarah A. Cain, Chad H. Newbolt, Robert A. Gitzen, William D. Gulsby, and Stephen S. Ditchkoff

What Hobbies Are Linked With Peer Insecurity in a Sample of Detained Youth

Morgan Wirth, Taylor Gusler, and Kelli R. Thompson

Bio-Based Coagulation and Flocculation Systems to Treat Contaminants in Concrete Washwater

Philip S. McMichael, Maria Celeste Iglesias, Jacob Johnston, Paul Holley, Maria S. Peresin

The Design and Fabrication of a Novel Multistage Soft Robot

Rizwan Halani, Chad Rose, and Avinash Baskaran

Streptomyces poriferae sp. nov., A Novel Streptomyces Species from Marine Sponges That Produce Metabolites That Inhibit the Growth of Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA)
Dorelle V. Fawwal, Megan Sandoval-Powers, Stanislava Králová, Kristin F. Degnes, Giang-Son Nguyen, Alexander Wentzel, and Mark R. Liles

Numerically Optimizing Solar Cell Design

Nathan Holden and Junshan Lin

Development of a Multi-Particle Spectometer

Davis Arthur, Guillaume M. Laurent, and Bree Tatum

Understanding the Causes and Exploring Remedies for Food Waste and Food Loss

Roshell Rosales Aguilar, Ruiqing Miao, and Norbert L. W. Wilson

In Vitro Tissue-Engineered-Based Model to Mimic Obese and Non-obese Colorectal Cancer Microenvironments

Grace E. Hester, Iman Hassani, Benjamin Anbiah, Bulbul Ahmed, Michael W. Greene, and Elizabeth A. Lipke

Electromyographic Analysis of Shoulder Rotation Strength Testing Positions 

Molly Cassidy, Nicole Bordelon, Kyle Wasserberger, Kevin Giordano, and Gretchen Oliver

Important Feature of Walking Adaptation: A Review of the Nervous System’s Ability to Regulate and Maintain Sensory Input During Split-Belt Walking

Abbrianna A. Robert, Sarah A. Brinkerhoff, Mariane F.B. Bacelar, Patrick G. Monaghan, Jaimie A. Roper

Last modified: January 20, 2022