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AUJUS Submission Information


Submitting to the AUJUS

There are two avenues for submitting your research for publication in the AUJUS: the Research Highlight or a Research Article. 

A "Research Highlight" serves as a publication option for students whose research is in progress or who wish to share research results with a broad, general audience. A "Highlight," 1-2 pages in length, is also a good option for students who plan to publish their complete research study in a professional or technical journal in their field. 

A "Research Article" is a longer contribution (see guidelines) of original work that embodies quality scholarship. Although it may not capture all the details of a full scholarly project, it serves as a publication option in their discipline. Like the "Research Highlight," it should be understandable to a broad audience of readers. 

Research Highlights and Articles

What to Submit
  • “Highlights” should be brief summaries (limit 500 words) that capture the author’s research objective, the methods used to achieve the objective, and the study’s importance. If the author has completed the research, the study’s conclusions or key findings can be summarized.  “Highlights” should be written for a general but educated audience, not for an expert in the field in study. Highlights should follow the highlight template attached to the Research Highlight Formatting Guidelines. Please submit both a word document and pdf version of the highlight.
  • Articles (suggested max. 10 pages, double-spaced, not including illustrations) that constitute original research and quality scholarship are welcome. For definition of "original work," see FAQs. Articles should follow the article template attached to the Research Article Formatting Guidelines. Please submit both a word document and pdf version of the article.
How to Submit
  • Submit highlights in a Microsoft Word file (.docx) and PDF file as an e-mail attachment to with the subject line "AUJUS Submission."
  • Submit articles in a Microsoft Word file (.docx) and PDF file as an e-mail attachment to with the subject line "AUJUS Submission."
  • Templates and Examples can be found below.
Submission Deadlines

Research Highlights and Articles can be submitted by Auburn University undergraduate researchers at any time. All submissions will be reviewed for suitability and revision may be requested. Once accepted for publication, Research Articles and Highlights will be published online.

  • Highlights and Articles must be authored by current Auburn University undergraduate students or students who have graduated within one year of the publication date. Secondary authors may be faculty mentors, graduate students, or other undergraduate students who have contributed significantly to the work.
  • Research Highlights do not require a faculty sponsorship form, but a faculty sponsor must provide a "Statement of Research Advisor." These 1-2 sentences should describe what you have contributed to your field of research.
  • All Article submissions must have a faculty sponsor, who must complete the Faculty Sponsorship Form.
Reviewing Process

Submissions will be initially screened by editors for quality and appropriateness. Those selected for further consideration will be distributed to reviewers with the appropriate expertise. Authors may be asked to revise contributions. Only those submissions deemed acceptable by the editorial board will be published. Please note that the review process typically takes from 4 to 12 weeks.

Research Article Formatting Guidelines

Last modified: August 10, 2022